Keith Perron began his broadcast career way back in the early 90s as a freelancer with Radio Canada International.

After a massive cut at RCI he found himself working as an annoucer/producer with Radio Havana Cuba. For 3 years he hosted the 2 hour English block to North America as well as RHC’s weekly jazz show. While in Cuba he started to freelance for Monitor Radio International and Radio Deutsche Welle. Upon leaving RHC he first relocated to Toronto and than a year later moved Vancouver. A few months after he arrived in British Columbia and ended up at a Chinese radio station where his duties were to produce some international programming for the various ethnic communities in the region.

In the spring of 2001 Keith received a phone call from the head of the English Service at China Radio International. “She asked me if I would ever consider moving to Beijing to created a new program department for CRI. Of course I said yes and four weeks later I arrived at Beijing Capitol Airport and two days later I was given a free hand to create a syndicated program department.”

The first show he created was called Real-Time China. The idea he had was to produce a show that would not sound out of place on radio stations in the US and Canada. This was a very busy time as Keith as he was not only doing this show, but was also the afternoon drive time host on the domestic network and hosted a weekly two hour world music show on Saturdays and on Sundays a jazz show.

In 2005 after a management change at CRI  Keith knew it was time to leave and then went to work for the Beijing Radio Corp. and helped them launch a new 24/7 English radio station called Radio 774. Keith stayed with them for a year and a half and then moved back to freelancing for some international broadcasters and opened a cafe in the 798 Art Area of Beijing.

Then at the end of 2007 I made the decision to move to Taipei and started getting busy with my first love of international SW broadcasting. This is where the idea to bring Happy Station back started. Well part of it. The idea to revive the show goes back to 1992 while staying with Tom at his home in Hilversum. On Saturday over coffee (he says it was something stronger), he mentioned it would be a fun idea if the show came back as an independent production. Now in 1992 Happy Station was still on air. But Tom who had been at Radio Netherlands for almost 25 years knew the writing was on the wall.  And well he was proven right. In 1995 it was canceled. That conversation we had all those many years ago stayed with me. But at the time to undertake such a task would have been impossible as I was to busy with other things.

At the beginning of 2009 I started to think about that conversation I had with Tom. I thought to myself. Why the hell not! And the rest as they say is history.

“I would like to thank the following people for the support they gave me.”

Bob Thomann – Bob Zanotti – Jeff White at WRMI – Michele Ernsting – Deborah Rey (Dody Cowan) -Johann Bakker – Dick Speakman (RIP) – Colin Newell (thanks for the help with the website)- The British DX Club – The Happy Station Show yahoo group – Steve and Janice Karlock (hosts of the International Radio Report) – Manolo De La Rosa (Radio Havana Cuba) – Allen Graham (DX Partyline) – Ian Mcfarland – David Smith – My good friends at the CNN Bureau in Hong Kong – Frank Ifield -Each and every listener who has written in – Theo and the dogs

…and many others.

And a very special warm and heart felt thank you to my friend Tom (photo at right).  But may not realize this but a long long time ago you had an influenced on a kid growing up in Canada.